About Cawdor Estate

About Cawdor Estate

Most people will know the name ‘Cawdor’ only in association with Shakespeare’s finest tragedy Macbeth – or the ‘Scottish Play’ as it is called by superstitious actors everywhere.

Less well known is the existence of a real Macbeth, once the King of Alba (as Scotland was known back in the 11th Century), and before this ‘Thane of Cawdor’. For over 700 years the descendants of this real Macbeth, themselves members of the Clan Campbell, have been the stewards of Cawdor Estate and the ancient castle that dwells at its heart.

Once a feudal fiefdom, today Cawdor Estate is much more than a site of heritage. Cawdor Estate is a dynamic organisation engaging in a diverse range of commercial, environmental and community based activities. Farming remains the life blood of the Estate and country sports continue to attract many visitors to Cawdor. Over the past decade we have refurbished a number of our former estate houses, transforming them into stylish holiday lets, helping to further boost the local tourist economy. More recently we have developed a number of renewable energy projects, including a hydro-power scheme and forthcoming wind farm, and we are considering other green options including biomass and solar technologies. Together these projects are making a contribution to tackling climate change and helping the local community to meet their future energy needs.

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