Film and Photography Location Shoots at Cawdor

Cawdor Estate has for many years proved popular with filmmakers and photographers seeking a classic Scottish Highland location.

The 42,000 acre estate occupies a landscape of dramatic contrasts and provides a wide range of location opportunities. Heather bound moorlands, fast-flowing rivers, ancient pine forests and a backdrop of melancholic granite mountains afford the archetypal Scottish Highland setting: windswept and rugged; at times sylvan; at times desolate, whilst the patchwork of grazing meadows and arable fields of the coastal hinterland leading to coastal foreshore, scattered hereabouts with our own rustic farm cottages, offers that bucolic charm much sought after by fashion editors. At the heart of the estate stands the fairy-tale Cawdor Castle; beautifully preserved and encapsulating six hundred years of Scottish history, its well preserved towers, halls, galleries and bed chambers offer many historic Scottish Highland interior locations.

Our team here at Cawdor Estate are experienced in working with both the film and fashion industries. We can provide on-site catering and accommodation for up to 34 production company members and their support staff, along with props and casting facilities where required. Inverness Airport is only 25 minutes away and all the location shoots are within a short drive from the accommodation.

Our previous clients include British, American and Italian VogueVanity Fair and the New York Times Magazine.

For more information on filming and photographing in one of Scotland’s most iconic, ancient estates please contact bookings here.

Past shoots and locations


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