Shooting at Cawdor

Shooting at Cawdor

Keen countryside sports’ lovers have been journeying to the Cawdor Estate for over one hundred and fifty years to experience some of the finest driven game shooting to be found in the Highlands of Scotland. Visitors to Drynachan Lodge will notice the charcoal wall drawings and ‘scorecards’ carved into the woodwork, dating from 1860s and beyond, recording the shoots of a bygone era. Today, thanks to the efforts of Lord Cawdor, along with our dedicated gamekeepers and hardworking shepherds, our 28,000 acres of moorland continue to team with healthy stocks of indigenous red grouse.

The shooting season starts in August (the ‘Glorious Twelfth’) and continues through to the end of January. We run a number of organised shooting parties for grouse, partridge, pheasant and rough shooting throughout the season. Depending upon the length of the shoot, we provide accommodation at Drynachan Lodge, our magnificent twelve bedroomed hunting lodge sited in the heart of the Drynachan Valley.


For more information on shooting at Cawdor Estate please contact or 01667 402402. Alternatively, contact the Estate Office at and on 01667 404666.