Sporting Activities

Sporting Activities

The Highlands of Scotland are renowned the world over for the excellence of their outdoor country sports. Salmon leaping from a crystalline river, deer sweeping across heather clad moors; these are images synonymous with the Scottish Highlands. Here at Cawdor Estate we pride ourselves on providing outstanding driven game shooting and fly salmon and trout fishing, upholding our reputation as one of Scotland’s finest sporting estates.

Twenty-eight thousand acres of the Cawdor Estate is comprised of moorland; a challenging yet beautiful landscape, carefully managed by our gamekeepers and shepherds to maintain healthy stocks of indigenous red grouse, black grouse, capercaillie and released partridge and pheasant. Cutting a swathe through this undulating terrain is the River Findhorn, rising in the Monadhliath Mountains and famed for its large catches of river salmon, wild brown trout and sea trout.

Excellent sport and stunning scenery are only part of the reason why countryside sports lovers return to Cawdor Estate year-in-year-out. They return because they know they will be well looked after. We provide our guests with tailor made packages and itineraries; a service that can include ghillie support and tuition if required. What’s more, first class accommodation is available to all our sporting guests in one of our luxury holiday cottages; two of which are sited on the banks of the River Findhorn itself.

So spend a week or two with us at the Cawdor Estate and enjoy a truly wonderful Scottish Highland sporting experience.

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