Watersports, Marine Adventures and Mountain Biking

Within the Cairngorms National Park there are a number of centres, such as Ace Adventure and Craggan Outdoors, which offer outdoor adventure days, where activities such as paintballing, canyoning, white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking can be engaged in. For younger adventurers, Landmark Adventure Park near Carrbridge provides a great day out for all the family.

Dolphin and wildlife watching trips sail from Banff, Macduff, Buckie, Lossiemouth, Nairn, Findhorn and Inverness. There’s also the chance to get up close with the marine life at the Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay. Findhorn village, especially, is a major sailing and watersports centre and is home to the Royal Findhorn Yacht Club. Lossiemouth, with its gently sloping beaches and big breakers, is a haven for surfers.

Mountain Bikers will enjoy exploring the mixture of quiet B-roads, footpaths and old railway lines that criss-cross the region. The Moray Coastal Path, Dava Way and Speyside Way are all suitable for off-road biking (although there are a few ‘get off and push’ moments). There are some really excellent designated trails at the Moray Monster Trails near Fochabers and the Glenlivet Mountain Bike Trails near Tomintoul. If you haven’t got your own bike then there are a number of bike hire companies nearby.


Ace Adventures: www.aceadventures.co.uk

Craggan Outdoors: www.cragganoutdoors.co.uk

Glenlivet Mountain Biking: www.glenlivetestate.co.uk

Landmark Adventure Park: www.landmarkpark.co.uk

North 58° Sea Adventures: www.north58.co.uk

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