The plentiful mature woodlands covering the Cawdor Estate, whilst providing a valuable recreational amenity for the local community, also form an important part of our commercial portfolio. Our forestry operations are managed by Cawdor Forestry Limited, an associate company working closely with the Estate team and local community to deliver a sustainable forestry strategy. Mature timber from our managed woodlands is generally taken to local sawmills, where the trees are chipped for biomass, or used to produce household and commercial timber products.

You can learn more about Cawdor Forestry Limited at their website.

Long term planning

Forestry is a long term business and needs to be carefully planned.  The Cawdor Estate Forest Plan details the major forest operations over a 20+ year period.  It brings together the management objectives, silvicultural prescriptions, environmental, social and landscape factors into a comprehensive plan that aims to deliver long-term benefits through sustainable forest management.  Site-specific opportunities and constraints are assessed and encompassed within the plan, as illustrated by the Opportunities, Constraints and Design Concept map(1).  Where appropriate, visualisations(2) are provided to simulate the visual impact of felling phases.  Detailed felling(3) and replanting(4) plans are created to gain the necessary Forestry Commission approval required for these operations.

You can download copies of these document below

1   Opportunities and constraints map: download as a .pdf file [4.5mb]

2    Visualisation view towards Ordhill from Whinhill: download as a .pdf file [4.5mb]

3    Felling phases overview map: download as a .pdf file [4.5mb]

4    Restocking species overview map: download as a .pdf file [4.5mb]