Land Rover on a hill top at Cawdor Estate
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Welcome to Cawdor Estate

Located between the granite mountain ranges of the Cairngorms and the sandy beaches of the Moray Firth, set amid a landscape of heather clad moorlands and wooded glens, the 42,000 acre Cawdor Estate is one of the great Scottish Highland estates. Once a feudal fiefdom, today we are a dynamic organisation engaging in a diverse range of commercial, environmental and community orientated activities. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our traditional Highland country sports, which include superb fly-fishing upon Scotland’s world renowned River Findhorn. Our selection of beautiful and uniquely refurbished cottages and fishing lodge offer our guests the perfect Scottish Highlands vacation. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Holiday Accommodation

We have six very distinctive holiday lets, ranging from a snug one-bedroomed former keeper’s house to a grand hunting lodge capable of catering for over twenty guests.

About Cawdor Estate

Cawdor Estate is much more than a site of heritage. It is a dynamic organisation engaging in a diverse range of commercial, environmental and community based activities.

Local Area and Activities

We are conveniently sited between the tourist hubs of Aviemore, Inverness and Nairn. All of which makes the Cawdor Estate an ideal location from which to explore all that the region has to offer.


Our team here at Cawdor Estate are experienced in working with both the film and fashion industries. Our previous clients include Vanity Fair, Vogue and the New York Times magazine.

Residential and Commercial Lets

Cawdor Estate regularly has land or property available for rent. You can find out what is currently available along with additional information on your tenancy in this section of the website.

Sporting Activities

Excellent sport and stunning scenery across our twenty-eight thousand acre Highland estate are only part of the reason why countryside sports lovers return to Cawdor year-in-year-out.